Thursday Jan 12 (Day 3) 

Lecture 11:20pm
Accurate rhythm – can you learn more in the same amount of time?
For Simon’s and Janet’s Groups.

Thursday Jan 12,  11:20pm

Tutor – Denis Azabagic

Sako Dermenjian            Valse Venezolano 2 & 3 Lauro
Colleen Meehan            Rojo y negro by Máximo Diego Pujol

Tutor – Simon Powis

Sharon Lee                        Romance de los Pinas (Torroba)
Nik                                     La negra by A Lauro.

Tutor – Raffaele Agostino 

John van Patten            Recuerdos de la Alhambra (Tarrega)
Philip Cornish               Capricho Arabe

Tutor – Oliver Fartach Naini

Peter Mony & Bob Harrison
A Suite of 6 short pieces – Allemande, Forget Me Not, Pavan, Galliard, Wild Goose                                     Chase, Bagpipes. Arranged for 2x 10 string guitars ed Yepes / Chia / Mony.
Malcolm Perris            Misty – Errol Garner (arr. Roland Dyens)

Denis Azabagic in Recital – Thursday January 12, 7:00pm, Barnet Theatre, Ascham School.

A program of guitar solos   Click here for more information.

CGS Members and concession $25, Adults $30. Free admission for Summer School participants.

Friday Jan 12 (Day 4)

Guitar Orchestra 11:20 – 12:50

An exciting concert of chamber music – Friday January 13, 1:50pm Ascham School Music Dept., Edgecliff, Sydney


Denis Azabagic performing Benjamin Britten’s Nocturnal After John Dowland, Op. 70

Simon Powis performing Roland Dyens’ Libra Sonatine 

Augmented 7
Denis Azabagic, Simon Powis, Giuseppe Zangari, Richard Charlton, Raffaele Agostino, Janet Agostino, Oliver Fartach-Naini and Christopher Keane.

And the guitar orchestra frEternity

CGS Members and concession $20, Adults $25. Free Admission for Summer School Participants

Open playing session 3:10 – 4:30pm

Saturday Jan 14. (Day 5)


Tutor – Denis Azabagic

Emanuel Auciello            La Catedral (Alegro Solemne)
James McDonald            Menuet and Trio from BWV 1006a in E major

Tutor – Andrew Blanch

Tige                                  Brouwer Study 6
Joanne Faulkner            El testament d’Amèlia

Tutor – Oliver Fartach Naini

Lewis Hastie                         Study in G by Giuliani
Colleen Meehan & Peter Mony         Danse Sayyid by Gurdjieff /Thomas de Hartmann.

Tutor – Christopher Keane

Oscar                        Ejercicio by Ferrer.
Greg Sezun               Estudio by Tarrega

Tutor – Giuseppe Zangari

Sandra Koller             Preludio en Mi (for Waler Bolandi) Barrios
Paula Montgomerie            Candombe en mi (No. 5 Cinco preludios) – M. Pujol

Tutor – Richard Charlton

Nandan Cox                         Handel Prelude
Bridget McVicar            The Forgotten Harp (Linneman)

Tutor – Raffaele Agostino 

Frances McMahon            J. S. Bach’s “Cello Suite no. 1” (BWV 1007) Prelude
Mitchell Newton            Mertz’s Elegie

Saturday Jan 14. (Day 5) 1:20pm

Tutor – Denis Azabagic

Darryl Rule           Cappricios De Goyas no 12 No Hubo Remedio by Castelnuevo-Tedesco
Manuel Diewald        Variaciones sobre una cancion infantil – Antonio Lauro

Tutor – Simon Powis

Tige                                Rondo Carulli
Conor Hingerty            Prelude No1 (Villa Lobos)

Tutor – Richard Charlton

Marshal Ma                         Waltzing Matilda arr Charlton
Peter Mony & Bob Harrison   Airs de Cour by Thomas Ford (1648).

Tutor – Raffaele Agostino

Ian Holding                        Aguado Study in Aminor or Carulli Country Dance

Finale Performance. Saturday January 14, 5:30pm, Multipurpose Building, Ascham.

This free public concert of chamber music will showcase all the chamber groups of both the five-day summer school and the junior course. A chance for every player to have time on stage, displaying the music from his or her morning rehearsals. Also on the program will be the two 35-piece guitar orchestras. (Estimated finishing time is 7:10pm.)

Lectures and workshops will be held at 11:20am daily.

DOUG DE KROO MUSIC STORE will have a large range of discounted music, CDs, strings and accessories on sale. If you are looking for a specific piece, CD or DVD please contact Doug De Kroo on 0414 685 842. will have its guitar range on display for you to play and compare. Discounts available.

The summer school welcomes visitors to its classes.

Observers:                         $30 per day or any part thereof.
CGS Members             $20. (membership card needs to be shown)
Thursday January 12 Denis Azabagic concert not included

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